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  • Drum Major Interview

    Marching Roundtable Interview: Episode 42: DCI Drum Majors– Life On & Off the Podium [player track=”http://marchingroundtable.com/Podcasts/MRTDCIDRUMMAJORS1.mp3″] Download Part 1 Three DCI drum majors take us behind the scenes explaining their roles on and off the podium, as well as sharing tips and advice for those interested in becoming drum majors. Our guests: Brad Green of […]

  • VIDEOS – Madison Scouts Brass Auditions 2012

    Remember this post? Toward the end of the move-in (Spring Training) period last summer, I had the idea of preparing videos of what we will expect from the 2012 Madison Scouts horn line members. Utilizing the expertise of Tim Snyder and Robin Snyder of Box 5 Productions, we put together a handful of videos for […]

  • Stagger Breathing

    A reading from the Madison Scouts 2012 Brass Manual – Stagger Breathing When listening to long sustained chords from a brass ensemble, you will notice that the best ensembles sustain these chords without holes in the sound. The “wall of sound” is created by utilizing a technique called stagger breathing. Essentially the wall of sound […]

  • Scouts Receive World Trade Center Artifact

    Originally Posted by the Madison Scouts RSS feed on August 31, 2011 by Chris Komnick (Director). The Madison Scouts were recently presented with an artifact from the World Trade Center in recognition of their 2011 production “New York Morning”. Presented by Kenneth Job, Vice President of Job and Job (a New Jersey engineering firm), the […]

  • Madison Scouts 2011 – Finals Vids

      Madison Scouts 2011 DCI World Championships Finals Night YouTube Videos

  • Madison Scouts drum line,

    Arlington, VA – June 25, 2011

  • Acoustics Experiment – F Major

      So in an effort to be a better teacher, I have spent more time studying the physics of sound – focusing my time on a higher understanding of Just Intonation. It dawned on me that I need to use music from the Madison Scouts 2011 production to show examples like you are about to […]

  • Twenty-Ten

    2010 – It was a good year littered with unfortunate events – ranging from the devastation in Haiti to the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, tough economic times, the competitive media rallies of Fox vs. Comedy Central, the end of Lost, the rebirth of Conan, and so on. 2010 was a year […]

  • Scouts Announce 2011 Summer Tour Schedule

    Scouts Announce 2011 Summer Tour Schedule Subject to change, the Madison Scouts are pleased to announce their tentative 2011 DCI summer tour schedule: June 21 (Tue) – Indianapolis, IN June 22 (Wed) – Fairfield, OH June 24 (Fri) – Muncie, IN June 25 (Sat) – Arlington, VA June 26 (Sun) – Clifton, NJ June 27 […]

  • 2010 DCI BluRay and DVD Ad

    I’m not going to lie … The fact that DCI is using the opening from 2010 Madison Scouts is pretty awesome.