VIDEOS – Madison Scouts Brass Auditions 2012

Remember this post?

Toward the end of the move-in (Spring Training) period last summer, I had the idea of preparing videos of what we will expect from the 2012 Madison Scouts horn line members. Utilizing the expertise of Tim Snyder and Robin Snyder of Box 5 Productions, we put together a handful of videos for future Madison Scouts to reference. It’s one thing to read about expectations in a manual; it’s another to actually witness an example of what one is referring to.

Things You’ll Need

Horn Positions

Trumpet – 2011 Show Exceprt

Trumpet – 4 Note Lip Slur

Trumpet – Eb Clarke Study

Mellophone – 2011 Show Excerpt

Mellophone – 4 Note Lip Slur

Mellophone – Eb Clarke Study

Mellophone – Tim’s Ticulations

Baritone – 2011 Show Excerpt

Baritone – 4 Note Lip Slur

Baritone – Eb Clarke Study

Baritone – Tim’s Ticulations

Tuba – 2011 Show Excerpt

Tuba – 4 Note Lip Slur

Tuba – Eb Clarke Study

Tuba – Tim’s Ticulations