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  • NYC Residence 2003 – 2012

    For 8 years I experienced life in so many different ways in New York City. I completed my formal education, I expressed Art, I experienced extreme happiness and extreme sadness, I have met amazing… Amazing people, I have been at my best and my worst here, and I have experienced Love – in many forms. […]

  • U.S./Iranian Political Relationship Since 1953

    Like many things in life, you have to go beyond the point of impact in order to see how things really transpired.

  • 2011 – A List In Review

    JANUARY Arab Spring – Tunisia FEBRUARY Arab Spring – Egypt March The Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power Plant Disaster April The Royal Wedding of William and Kate May Death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by U.S. June July Southern Sudan becomes an Independent Country August Arab Spring – Libya September Occupy Wall Street […]

  • Iranian Possession Of A U.S. Spy Drone

    On Dec. 8th, Iranian State TV aired footage of what they claim is an RQ-170 drone – in REALLY good condition. The U.S. has openly stated that a drone did in fact land in Iranian territory, but opted neither to retrieve, nor to destroy the drone. In fact, the U.S. government claimed the drone crashed […]

  • How To Find Hidden Files On A Mac

    Mac Users: Ever download a .rar file (for example) and – for some reason or another – in the middle of the download, you lose the connection, leaving unable to find the hidden, partially downloaded file, AND unable to download the same file (due to the file being there already)? I have.   I found […]

  • Drum Major Interview

    Marching Roundtable Interview: Episode 42: DCI Drum Majors– Life On & Off the Podium [player track=”″] Download Part 1 Three DCI drum majors take us behind the scenes explaining their roles on and off the podium, as well as sharing tips and advice for those interested in becoming drum majors. Our guests: Brad Green of […]

  • VIDEOS – Madison Scouts Brass Auditions 2012

    Remember this post? Toward the end of the move-in (Spring Training) period last summer, I had the idea of preparing videos of what we will expect from the 2012 Madison Scouts horn line members. Utilizing the expertise of Tim Snyder and Robin Snyder of Box 5 Productions, we put together a handful of videos for […]

  • Steve Jobs – 1955 – 2011

    On October 5th, 2011 we lost one of the world’s leading visionaries – Steve Jobs. No matter if he influenced your education with the Apple computer in the 1980’s, your entertainment with Pixar in the 1990’s, or your life with iMac, iPod, iPhone, and/or iPad, Steve Jobs has been a warm beacon of light for […]

  • I Want To See The Georgia Guidestones

    So apparently the U.S. has it’s own Stonehenge in the isolated fields of Georgia. This monolithic event has been named the Georgia Guidestones. Of course I heard about this through a television show on the History channel. Apparently an anonymous person or group had them built in the late 70’s. The anonymity of it’s creator, […]

  • Big Yellow C

    So last night, after my return home from adjudicating, I took a stroll around my neighborhood. And by chance, I stumbled upon a Big Yellow C. Curious – I snapped a picture of it and continued on with my walk. Today I went in search of it – the Big Yellow C – again, and […]