2010 – It was a good year littered with unfortunate events – ranging from the devastation in Haiti to the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, tough economic times, the competitive media rallies of Fox vs. Comedy Central, the end of Lost, the rebirth of Conan, and so on.

2010 was a year of change for me; at the same time, it was a return to roots and points in my life that seem to be ingrained in me – for better or for worse.  Jacquelyn and I spent a full numerical year together – 2010 was our first full year together. Many smiles and laughs, a handful of bumps, a good chunk of music, and an understanding of each other that wasn’t there before.

Madison Scouts had a successful season. It was great to work with my friends – friends I have known since the 1990’s. So much history. The older we got, the more we were truly set in our ways. Some things just won’t change – works for some, not for all.

2010 was filled with craft honing and expression through creation. I found myself understanding my technique of writing, arranging, and editing music. Pride of Cincinnati, Braddock, and Cypress were very successful in 2010, along with West Broward, Flanagan, and many others. Through the direction of Corey Behnke, I have reawaken to the world of web development. And I had the opportunity to play Death and Transfiguration By Strauss and Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony – both on lead trombone. I stayed pretty busy throughout the fall adjudicating and teaching marching band – that was especially good this year.

I got a FANTASTIC new haircut!

I began to Tweet in 2010.
I understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity better – which is not related to tweeting … or is it?

Here is to #TwentyEleven.