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  • NYC Residence 2003 – 2012

    For 8 years I experienced life in so many different ways in New York City. I completed my formal education, I expressed Art, I experienced extreme happiness and extreme sadness, I have met amazing… Amazing people, I have been at my best and my worst here, and I have experienced Love – in many forms. […]

  • 2011 – A List In Review

    JANUARY Arab Spring – Tunisia FEBRUARY Arab Spring – Egypt March The Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power Plant Disaster April The Royal Wedding of William and Kate May Death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by U.S. June July Southern Sudan becomes an Independent Country August Arab Spring – Libya September Occupy Wall Street […]

  • Drum Major Interview

    Marching Roundtable Interview: Episode 42: DCI Drum Majors– Life On & Off the Podium [player track=”http://marchingroundtable.com/Podcasts/MRTDCIDRUMMAJORS1.mp3″] Download Part 1 Three DCI drum majors take us behind the scenes explaining their roles on and off the podium, as well as sharing tips and advice for those interested in becoming drum majors. Our guests: Brad Green of […]

  • Big Yellow C

    So last night, after my return home from adjudicating, I took a stroll around my neighborhood. And by chance, I stumbled upon a Big Yellow C. Curious – I snapped a picture of it and continued on with my walk. Today I went in search of it – the Big Yellow C – again, and […]

  • Look back at how September 11 unfolded

    This is still hard to watch. Via CNN – Look back at how September 11 unfolded Related articles Archive chronicles TV’s take on 9/11 (cnn.com) Witness to history: White House photographer and the images of 9/11 (cnn.com) Where were you on September 11, 2001? (lifeasacynic.blogspot.com) Where were you when you heard the news of 9/11 […]

  • Scouts Receive World Trade Center Artifact

    Originally Posted by the Madison Scouts RSS feed on August 31, 2011 by Chris Komnick (Director). The Madison Scouts were recently presented with an artifact from the World Trade Center in recognition of their 2011 production “New York Morning”. Presented by Kenneth Job, Vice President of Job and Job (a New Jersey engineering firm), the […]

  • 8000 Floating Lanterns With Soundtrack

    Back near the beginning of July 2011, I discovered a collection of YouTube videos displaying an amazing human phenomenon celebrating the summer solstice. I posted the discovery on my blog – https://bradkerrgreen.com/8000-floating-latterns. “To celebrate the recent summer solstice, residents of Pozna?, Poland gathered to break the country’s record for releasing paper lanterns by setting 8,000 […]

  • Evacuation Map for NYC

    According to Weather.com, NYC’s experience should last roughly 21 hours – Saturday evening to Sunday evening.     Below is a map designed to show the evacuation zones in preparation for Hurricane Irene. New York City’s hurricane contingency plans are based on three evacuation zones: Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. The threat of […]

  • Madison Scouts 2011 – Finals Vids

      Madison Scouts 2011 DCI World Championships Finals Night YouTube Videos

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