I am pleased to present JacquelynAdams.com – website promoting New York City musician/performer/French Horn pro Jacquelyn Adams.

After the creation of GenghisBarbie.com, it was obvious that we needed to update and upgrade JacquelynAdams.com. Once again, keeping the site clean and simple – while maintaining aesthetic integrity – was clutch. The color scheme is based on the colors of Ms. Adams outfit seen on the front page of the site. I am especially pleased with the smoothness of the gradient in the same image – more than a couple of steps & more than a couple of attempts to get it right.

This is the 3rd version. The 2nd version was an attempt to keep the original site’s integrity and simplicity; that didn’t work out so well. Fortunately Ms. Adams and I didn’t kill each other in the process of creating the 2nd version. Once we moved forward with the 3rd version, it took about 48 hours to complete and post.