Short Reflection On My Cigarette-free 2 years

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The nicotine patch works. I will start with that because ultimately it is the truth. Sure, one must be ready to quit and I will not discount that I was ready to quit; however, I have “quit” a handful of times before – unsuccessfully. Even our President sees the importance of not smoking.

The process was simple- smoke until you get the patch, use the patch as directed, and do not deviate from the path. I was diligent. I had help from my friends. I wanted to quit. NYC’s free patch program was clutch.

People ask if it gets easier – YES.

Honestly, of all the scenarios that could have made me smoke again, the one that is the most alluring is seeing my close friends who still smoke and wanting to hang out with them. Cigarettes are an easy to break the ice with people. It’s a social cue, especially to another smoker. I didn’t experience this fully until this past summer when I taught with the friends of mine I had smoked with since 1999 – I was a “one-pack-a-day” smoker from 2003 until 2008. Wah wah.

Some people quit cold turkey, some people look to their religion or have a spiritual experience that aides their addiction severing; I used the nicotine patch – it worked.

New York’s Free Patch Program