Absolution by Prodigal Children

written, recorded, & performed by Brad Kerr Green & Jacquelyn Adams (www.JacquelynAdams.com)

All around me, it surrounds me
Calls my name

Want to touch me
Want to feel me, but I’m scared

I need your love to keep me sane,
to heal me once again

All around me love surrounding,
calling out, it came to find me

All around the world
is changing – world is changing

To feel you once again,
is where the dream begins

I come to you to rescue me
Absolve me, set me free

All around me
pages turning with the breeze

Mass deception
Evil Genius” – He deceives

Do I need your love to keep me safe?
Do I need your love?

To feel you once again
is where the dream will end

And then, a horn was heard –
the first voice to speak saying,

Always Look To Tha Sun,
to the moon & to the stars.”
The horn cried,
“Come up here!”

“And I will show you things,
which must be hereafter.”


synth. music & vocals – Brad Kerr Green, Jacquelyn Adams
f horn – Jacquelyn Adams
trombone – Brad Kerr Green

notes: Reason 4 was used for the synth. & perc. sounds. The overall structure of the piece was originally written in October of 2004 while living in Canton, MI. Although it too was originally crafted on Reason, the original .RNS file was lost when the drive it was stored on crashed, along with all the little details that made the track interesting (at least for me) to listen to – sad day. Fortunately, I didn’t lose the mp3.
Below is the original track “CG130”. Enjoy!

[player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/CG130-10-12.mp3″]
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notes: The phrase “Always Look To Tha Sun” has multiple references. One reference shines a light on the spelling of “Tha” – as opposed to with an -E. This is a shout-out to a track I wrote back in 2004 – Always Look To Tha Sun. It is a fusion of Western and Eastern music – which is what I am, genetically speaking. The vocals I emulate on Absolution are based on a sample I used for Always Look To Tha Sun – which is below. Enjoy!

[player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/mp3/astoria/alwayslooktothasun.mp3″]
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