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  • 2011 – A List In Review

    JANUARY Arab Spring – Tunisia FEBRUARY Arab Spring – Egypt March The Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power Plant Disaster April The Royal Wedding of William and Kate May Death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by U.S. June July Southern Sudan becomes an Independent Country August Arab Spring – Libya September Occupy Wall Street […]

  • How To Find Hidden Files On A Mac

    Mac Users: Ever download a .rar file (for example) and – for some reason or another – in the middle of the download, you lose the connection, leaving unable to find the hidden, partially downloaded file, AND unable to download the same file (due to the file being there already)? I have.   I found […]

  • Steve Jobs – 1955 – 2011

    On October 5th, 2011 we lost one of the world’s leading visionaries – Steve Jobs. No matter if he influenced your education with the Apple computer in the 1980’s, your entertainment with Pixar in the 1990’s, or your life with iMac, iPod, iPhone, and/or iPad, Steve Jobs has been a warm beacon of light for […]

  • iPhone App Development

    iPhone app development YouTube videos … education from all ages to all ages. I will be adding YouTube videos as I discover and watch them. Related articles The latest iPhone app developer is… the FBI? (mobile-ent.biz) iPhone App Developer Service | Thought Mechanics LLC (thoughtmechanics.com)