My Second Week With The Bryan High School Viking Band

I had a fantastic time this week with the Bryan High School Marching Band. The directors, band parents, and school board thought it would be a good investment for the students to bring me back. I am glad they did. Everyone was so hospitable, open to suggestions, and appreciative of my work. Every single day the students rehearsed better and better.

Tomorrow the band has their UIL Area contest – which is the stepping stone into the State level contest. It’s interesting – tomorrow 34 bands (in Bryan’s region) will compete throughout the day for a chance to perform in the Finals competition the same evening. 10 bands will advance on to the finals. The top 6 bands from finals will go on to compete at the State level.

So if I understand this correctly, that means the bands have about a 34% chance to make it to Finals. Then they have a 60% chance of going onto the State level. That’s kind of interesting.

No matter what the results are for Bryan HS this weekend, I am very proud to have worked with them. The band directors are great people. The band parents fed me and my family every night I was here. It was great visit with my family again. And, of course, it was great to work with my cousin Nathan – head drum major for the Viking band.