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  • NYC Residence 2003 – 2012

    For 8 years I experienced life in so many different ways in New York City. I completed my formal education, I expressed Art, I experienced extreme happiness and extreme sadness, I have met amazing… Amazing people, I have been at my best and my worst here, and I have experienced Love – in many forms. […]

  • Drum Major Interview

    Marching Roundtable Interview: Episode 42: DCI Drum Majors– Life On & Off the Podium [player track=”http://marchingroundtable.com/Podcasts/MRTDCIDRUMMAJORS1.mp3″] Download Part 1 Three DCI drum majors take us behind the scenes explaining their roles on and off the podium, as well as sharing tips and advice for those interested in becoming drum majors. Our guests: Brad Green of […]

  • GenghisBarbie.com

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present www.GenghisBarbie.com. I have been working with the All-female Pop Horn Quartet on this site for a few weeks. The site started as more of a cream-colored, paint splattering event. Although it was a fun site, it didn’t quite capture the vibe they wanted to present. So then […]