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  • To The Sea

    To The Sea written, recorded, & performed by Brad Kerr Green [line] A clear, bellish day had rung in as Copper Lady, freely, would tell A sharp, hellish rain. A decade of pain. To her left. To her left they fell. [line] To the sea. To the sea with you, sir. Because you decided to […]

  • Departures – Explaining This Symphonic Poem For Wind Ensemble

    For the GDYO (Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra) Wind Symphony.   Departures for Winds and Percussion is a symphonic (tone) poem – a piece of music in a single continuous section in which the content of a poem, a story or novel, a painting, a landscape or another non-musical source is illustrated or evoked. For me, […]

  • GDYO, Inc – Spring ’11 Newsletter

    Greater Dallas Youth Orchestras, Inc – Spring 2011 Newsletter May 1 Concert – Wind Symphony The Wind Symphony under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Williams will perform: Mozart Clarinet Concerto – featuring Steven Tsai winner of the 2011 Wind Symphony Concerto Competition Departures – Bradley Kerr Green Candide Overture – Bernstein Fantasy Variations – Barnes […]

  • Departures

    My Home, The Nest – The Best Of All Possible Worlds Contemplative And Introspective – I Perch.   Above Me, A Bird In Flight Effortless And Free – Singing Like Whales Cry   Engulfed In Fear Brutish And Paralyzing – I Rise.   Now, On The Dawn Of My Great Departure I Take Flight – […]

  • Pathos – Poetry from the summer of ’06

    Poetry from the summer of ’06 Pathos You embrace the carpenter’s cup – the elixir of elegance, of sunrises – with the worm that hums and undulates under the arch of your foot. Affirm the moments – the pith of beauty, the avail and the allure of artistry. Bless the bloom of comeliness, the delicacy […]