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  • Adventures In Just Intonation – FM over Edim7 – Resolutions

    There were several requests for the resolution of the chords to be included on the audio recordings. **REQUEST GRANTED** Below is a diagram showing the information of the FM/Edim7. Edim7 (E=0) and FM (F=0) [player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/FMEdim7toFM-ex1.mp3″] Listen to mp3 Quicktime [line] Edim7 (E=0) and FM (FM=+12) [player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/FMEdim7toFM-ex2.mp3″] Listen to mp3 Quicktime [line] Edim7 (Edim7=-12) […]

  • Acoustics Experiment – F Major

      So in an effort to be a better teacher, I have spent more time studying the physics of sound – focusing my time on a higher understanding of Just Intonation. It dawned on me that I need to use music from the Madison Scouts 2011 production to show examples like you are about to […]