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  • Drum Major Interview

    Marching Roundtable Interview: Episode 42: DCI Drum Majors– Life On & Off the Podium [player track=”http://marchingroundtable.com/Podcasts/MRTDCIDRUMMAJORS1.mp3″] Download Part 1 Three DCI drum majors take us behind the scenes explaining their roles on and off the podium, as well as sharing tips and advice for those interested in becoming drum majors. Our guests: Brad Green of […]

  • Adventures In Just Intonation – FM over Edim7 – Resolutions

    There were several requests for the resolution of the chords to be included on the audio recordings. **REQUEST GRANTED** Below is a diagram showing the information of the FM/Edim7. Edim7 (E=0) and FM (F=0) [player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/FMEdim7toFM-ex1.mp3″] Listen to mp3 Quicktime [line] Edim7 (E=0) and FM (FM=+12) [player track=”https://bradkerrgreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/FMEdim7toFM-ex2.mp3″] Listen to mp3 Quicktime [line] Edim7 (Edim7=-12) […]

  • Acoustics Experiment – F Major

      So in an effort to be a better teacher, I have spent more time studying the physics of sound – focusing my time on a higher understanding of Just Intonation. It dawned on me that I need to use music from the Madison Scouts 2011 production to show examples like you are about to […]